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In Gorski kotar, cultures alternated in a historical sequence and created a priceless treasure that permeates and reveals itself before you. From prehistoric, and medieval monuments, and different cultures to our days and local artistic achievements, cultural expressions, and monuments based on them are interwoven, creating a space whose values ​​will captivate you.


Through the cultural tourist route, get to know castles, forts, and details from the rich tradition and life of the Frankopan family.

  • Zrinski Castle in Čabar

  • Castle Zrinski Brod on Kupa

  • Stara Sušica Castle, which includes the "Big Beasts" Visitor Center

  • Severin Castle on the Kupa river

  • Gomirje Monastery


Many religious buildings from different periods have been preserved in the area of ​​Gorski kotar. It is a memory of an extremely important component of the life of the highlanders throughout history, of their faith and heritage. The Church of St. George in Lič, the Shrine of Our Lady of Svetogorska, the Shrine of Our Lady of Snow in Ličko polje, and the calvary with chapels in Lokva are just some of the objects of the sacred heritage of Gorski Kotar.


  • Ethnographic collection Lič

  • Rački House

  • HPM Ivan Goran Kovačić Memorial Museum

  • Wheelhouse

  • House Delač

  • Vilko Golubić Memorial Classroom

  • Blue basement

  • Turanj - Zrinski tower

  • Native collection Mrkopalj

  • The collection of Moravian horticulture

  • Our railway collection


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