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Outings spots

If you want to explore the magical side of Gorski kotar, not far from our park there are many unique sites worth visiting.

An unavoidable trip every visit to Gorski Kotar are two somewhat hidden gems in the small village of Skrad, Zeleni vir, and Vražji prolaz. Natural curiosities combined into a unique protected area which, due to its exceptional beauty, has been declared a special geomorphological reserve, and as part of the picnic area there is a mountain lodge Zeleni vir which also offers a playground for children. In recent years, special attention has been drawn to the protected landscape of the Kamačnik canyon. A place ideal for a walk where nature conveys a romantic experience enjoyed by body and mind, and for the perfect combination there is the mountain lodge Kamačnik which offers refreshment and a touch of traditional cuisine.

If you are a fan of speleology, in the small town of Lokve there is the Lokvarka Cave, one of the most beautiful caves in the Croatian karst, which is also the most profound tourist speleological object in Croatia. Not far from it is the Vrelo Cave, a special speleological site rich in wildlife (cave spiders, butterflies, and bats) and unique sigmas that enchant every visitor.

The source of the Kupa, as a place of contact with untouched nature, offers us a walk through the fairytale scenes of lush vegetation and the river itself. Near the spring is the "wonderful valley of butterflies", home to almost 500 species of butterflies and the rest of the animal world. Along with many rivers and streams, a couple of lakes stand out. Lokvarsko Lake, with rich and interesting history, is surrounded by a promenade that delights many visitors at any time of year. There is also Lake Lepenica, in the small town of Fužine, which is suitable for swimming and fishing.

In addition to these places, this area contains many other sites worth visiting and exploring. With goodwill and organization, you can enrich your stay in Gorski Kotar with unique experiences.


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